A heavenly corporate event - Earthly delights amidst the celestial splendour of the night sky AMONGST THE GARDENS at THE EPICUREAN EMU BOTTOM.

Sated by the delights of the twilight gourmet barbeque dinner in the gardens of The Epicurean Emu Bottom homestead, it’s time to gaze up at the Cosmos and with a wine glass in your hand, let our astronomer lead you on the stargazing tour through space and time – to the Southern Cross, Taurus and Orion and on to stars like Alpha Centauri and then continue on to travel the paths of the myths and legends of the Aboriginal dreamtime stories.

To enquire about a Dinner Under the Stars Function at The Epicurean Emu Bottom, please call us on (03) 9744 1222 or fill out our Function Enquiries Form.

Image courtesy of Ben Adams